Wonderful Bambino provides the highest quality of natural products that gives mom the convenience of disposables yet the comfort and peace of mind of a superior cloth diaper.
Tired of endless trips to your department store buying diapers to seemingly no end?

Just one of our diapers which cost $19.95 equates to $130 worth in disposable diapers

Our Products help save the planet one diaper at a time and aren’t filled with chemicals. Ever wonder why your thin disposable diaper is super absorbent? Let’s just say it’s not fabric on the inside of them.
Still Searching for your Nighttime Solution? Wonderful Bambino gives you 5 layers of Spongelike fabric allowing the maximum absorbency possible; allowing your little one to stay dry all night.
Praised for their uncomparable softness and absorbency The diaper fits babies 12-40 pounds; a perfect fit for chunky babies and an additional hip snap for your slim bambino.
The one of a kind snap positioning prevents leaks where other diapers do not; along with superior leg gussets that give a snug, comfortable fit.

Our diaper has been purposely created to solve the Top 5 problems for families while diapering

  • Uncomfortable Diapering

  • Diaper fit

  • Diaper rash

  • Lack of diapering absorbency

  • Cloth diaper bulkiness

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