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  • SILKY SOFT, COMFY-FIT & BREATHABLE- WRAP BABY IN A PILLOWY CLOUD OF SOFTNESS: Parents love these bamboo diapers because beyond the fact that they're MORE PLUSH than bamboo cloth diapers, cradle sensitive bottoms in a pillow of luxurious softness - from the interior bamboo diaper liners to the SECURE-FIT FREEDOM WAISTBAND, to the ADJUSTABLE MAGIC VELCRO TAPE - every square inch of these diapers embrace an ultra-plushness you'll have to feel to believe
  • STOPS LEAKS, PREVENTS BLOWOUTS & AVERTS DIAPER RASH w/ SUPERIOR 360* DUAL LEAK GUARD PROTECTION that WICKS AWAY MOISTURE: You don't have to sacrifice leak protection to get the safest natural diapers on the market, because BabieB leverages 360* DUAL LEAK GUARD PROTECTION that PREVENTS LEAKAGE & BLOWOUTS plus and MOISTURE WICKING pure bamboo diaper liner - meaning you DECREASE the RISK OF DIAPER RASH - so BABY STAYS HAPPY & DRY
  • SAVE MONEY, USE FEWER DIAPERS - ALWAYS KNOW WHEN BABY IS WET or DRY: If you want the SUPER ABSORBENCY and WETNESS INDICATORS that name brand diapers provide, without the yucky toxins, then you'll love how much easier these bamboo nappy's make your life. While most of your natural parenting friends are having to pull away the diaper for a 'peek', risking messy hands, you'll always know if your little one is wet or dry with a single look at the 3 lines of wetness indicators
  • CHECKS OFF ALL THE BOXES - USE WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE: Of course you want to protect your baby and the environment, yet you and baby also deserve to feel 100% confident that your diapers provide the best protection money can buy, and that's why we designed BabieB SUPER ABSORBENT Bamboo Diapers with comfort fit resealable Velcro tabs, a rash-reducing, moisture wicking liner, and a no-leak 360* leak protection band - so and baby can venture into the world with one less mess to worry about
  • SAFEST, MOST ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO DIAPERS YOU CAN BUY - 93% COMPOSTABLE: Parents love our size 1-2, 2-3, 4-5 & 5-6 bamboo diapers. Carefully crafted from FSC Certified bamboo grass fiber pulp, our environmentally friendly ANTI-ALLERGENIC diapers are the best diapers any nature-loving parent can buy because they are FREE of elemental chlorine, pesticides, GMOs, latex, lotions, fragrance, dyes, phthalates, optical brighteners, organotins, mbt, dbt, tbt, dioxins and made from only PURE ORGANIC MATER
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Product Description

TODDLER APPROVED: Keep baby safe from toxins, preserving the environment, and staying within budget. Parents say they’re the softest, greenest diapers and we appreciate that because we went to extreme lengths to ensure you’re putting the best diapers on your little one – we found the purest, silkiest, bamboo pulp and fiber – bringing you the premium eco style nappies you and baby need to stay safe and happy along your adventuresSUPERIOR LEAK PROTECTION MEETS SILKY-SOFTNESS KIDS LOVE: Moms and dads agree; the more you use BabieB Eco-Friendly Diapers, the more you’ll realize just how much you love them! Every inch wraps your baby in a pillow of silky softness, they provide you with w/ultra-absorbency and a 360* leak-proof design that keeps accidents and blowouts at bay – making them the ideal diaper to show your baby the world, without the stress or messCOMFORTABLE, NO-PINCH FIT: Diapers that fit too loosely put you and baby at risk of leaks and blowouts, while diapers that fit too tightly pinch, causing irritation and diapers that seemingly disappear the moment your kid is old enough to pull them off and run wild. BabieB diapers are Goldilocks Approved, meaning they fit “just right” – with luxuriously soft, stretchy, leak resistant tummy and leg bands that won’t pinch. Magic Adjustable Velcro Straps fits well so your little one is perfectly cradled in comfortSAVE MONEY, TIME, PROVIDE A BETTER LIFE FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE: Save at every turn so you can rest easy knowing that dollar for dollar, we designed them to deliver you the BEST VALUE – with 3 wetness line indicators that tell you if baby is wet or dry – whether it’s time for a nappy change to super absorbent 100% premium fill to superior leak protection that beats out leading brands93% COMPOSTABLE: saving our planet is more important than ever before – reducing your carbon footprint – just one more step you can take to ensure you’re doing everything you can to give your child the best life imagin

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